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Career Exploration for Students

Breaking news my friend. The shift in education is happening and its name is career. pathway. exploration…or however you want to slice it and dice it. Counselors, teachers, administrators, movers, and shakers are starting to focus mainly on career goals for students first, before they have any discussion about big college/education decisions. It is about time!

But wait, career exploration can be overwhelming, however, using career exploration websites are a great place to start the conversation! But if you are like me, you might be asking:

Which career exploration websites are the best for my students?

Don’t have time to read all the details? I have your back! Download the career websites cheatsheet here!

Well, after doing a lot of research and trial and error myself, I am spilling all the details to finding the right career exploration for your students.  I have included some of my personal pros and cons of each career exploration website to help you pick the website(s) that fit your students’ needs! Does that sound like a plan? Let’s get started!

My Next Move 


  • Offers multiple topics to start, including: students who know what career they want, students who know what general area they want to work in, and students who are completely unsure
  • The career page is very easy to understand and offers wide range of information


  • No videos/visual elements to keep students engaged – lacking real people talking about the field

Career Cafe 


  • Includes non-traditional jobs to explore, for example, entrepreneurs
  • Offers lessons / activities to explore interests
  • Lots of visuals / videos from real people


  • A lot to explore, can overwhelm some students
  • No easy career exploration funnel
  • Mentions California’s career pathways (still can be applicable to other states)

O*Net Online 


  • Offers many similar elements as “mynextmove”, but is geared for an older/advanced student that wants more customization in their career exploration tools
  • Offers LOTS of details about the aspects of the career


  • Can be very confusing or overwhelming for students exploring their careers for the first time

CA Career Zone 



  • Students can feel frustrated if the career is not what they want to do
  • The financial exploration is California focused



  • Is one of the few sites that offer career information/articles for parents


  • The site seems a little sales-y. Is best for educators, not student exploration
  • You need to sign up to be a member to gain resources.

College Board: Big Future 


  • Offers additional career information with a clear connection to college majors


  • Is hard to navigate
  • Is best used with other career websites.

Lastly, when using these career exploration websites, it is always best to mention to students that careers are malleable and can change with one’s life experiences! These websites are never a quick fix / one-stop-shop. However, it is a great starting point!

I hope this was helpful, and again this is my own personal opinion, but if you LOVE something not mentioned above, comment down below! Also, what are some of your favorite career exploration websites for college and career? Share in the comments below!

Until next time!

Written By: College Counselor Traci

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