Utilizing college exploration activities to start those initial discussions about life after high school is key! Although my students are older, I find that they only explore local or “name brand” schools. Can you relate? This is where I try to introduce a college exploration activity so they can be exposed to many different college / university options!

However, simply telling a student that they need to “take some time to research colleges” might be intimidating for them. I mean, where do they start? This is where I use one of my favorite college exploration activities – the college research project.

College Exploration Activity: College Research Project

The college research project teaches students how to engage in thoughtful and focused research, encourages creativity, and builds confidence in exploring the possibility of college! Here are some steps to get a college research project started for your students!

Assign or have students choose a college / university:

Firstly, one way to ensure students are aware of the many different college options is to have each student choose a different school! If left up to their own devices, students might all choose local schools or well-known “name brand” schools.

*CCT Tip: To guarantee students don’t all choose similar schools, you can assign each student a school! Be sure to include schools that are:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • 4-year
  • Community college
  • In-state
  • Out-of-state!

Provide guidelines for information to collect:

Secondly, there is A LOT of information about colleges on the internet! In my experience, students might college information only on the homepage, or easy to find information, for example, the history about the college / university. While that is good-to-know, I like to focus on need-to-know information! This also encourages a little more digging around on the school’s website. Some of the information I like my students to gather include:

  • Name and location of school
  • Tuition Costs
  • Room & Board Costs
  • College Life – Clubs, Organizations, Special Campus Events
  • Application Process

Put your student’s research on display:

Lastly, our students’ hard work can be a great resource for other students in the school as well! I suggest displaying this college exploration activity on a bulletin board, or school hall way. This also guarantees all this valuable research doesn’t end up at the bottom of a backpack! Plus you can implement this any time of the year!

So, are you ready to implement this college exploration activity, but don’t have the time? No worries! I have created just the resource for you – College Research Project: Ticket To College! Also, this resource is FREE-99! Yup, completely free!

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College Research Project - Ticket to College

In conclusion, I hope this information gave you some ideas on how to introduce a college exploration activity! Exploring college options and getting students prepared for college is a long journey! However, by taking baby steps, you can ensure that all students are at least aware of their options after high school!

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