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High School College and Career Conversations
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Hey friend!

I hope you are having a fantastic week! I know loving on students and giving so much of yourself every single day takes a toll, so I make sure it is my goal to make your life a little bit easier around here!

So today, I am sharing my current fffaaaaavvvoriiittee warm-up activity for introducing college and career to students! This summer, I taught a career planning course to 10th and 11th graders, and they had so much fun learning about how to research their careers and chatting about what it takes to get to college!

Are you tired of just giving morning announcements on different colleges?

Any idea how to get students really thinking and chatting about life after HS?

How about reaching those students who have no clue about what they want to do about college OR career?

If so, you have to try out my favorite resource, 100 college and career icebreaker questions!

100 College and Career Icebreaker Questions

It is so important that students are not picking careers and colleges for their careers from out of the blue!

I know many of my students have many assumptions about certain careers and colleges from friends, family, and peers! What better way to hash out all of the myths and topics they don’t normally think about than with this resource!

My icebreaker resource is a great way to introduce a college and career research activity to students and is a great starting point for any college and career-ready program!

Here is what is included in this resource!


College & Career Conversation Starters

I never have a college conversation without talking about a career! We have to start with the career questions before moving into any talk about college!


Career discussions influence all college discussions!


I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to start the conversation about college and career with your students!

How are you gearing up for this college and career season? Connect with me on social media @collegecounselortraci to let me know!


Until next time!

Written By: College Counselor Traci

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