It is end of the school year my friends!  I can almost taste the sun and the freedom of summer! As counselors, this time of year is hard to finish strong! I know I find myself mustering up all the energy in the world just to make it through the day!

Are you with me? Do you feel my paaaiinnn?

However, during this time of year, I have to constantly remind myself of the tips I’m going to talk about today! These tips give me peace, clarity, and more time! We will survive the end of the school year folks! Insert Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive” song. Actually, let’s THRIVE my friend. Here’s how.

Plan time for yourself

I know everything on your to-do list was probably due… last week, like me…however, finding time just for ourselves outside of school and work can re-energize our spirits!

Let’s not lay in bed (unless you really, really need to. Haha)! Sign up for your favorite yoga class. Take a run. Walk. Volunteer. Finish reading that book from a year ago!

For me, I started taking walks during my breaks and after work. Purchasing a fitbit with those “work week challenges,” was a big motivator, but it has been the best time for me to listen to some of my favorite audiobooks or podcasts and. Just. Breathe. with a clear mind for a minute.

Say no girl! 




My amazing, going the extra mile, overachiever counselor friend. Listen to me. I am giving you permission to say NO. A LOT. This time of year. Here’s why.

Saying, “yes” at the busiest time of the year will make you a terrible counselor. Yup, I said it. And we don’t want that. I have been. there. done. this… When I am saying yes to a lot of things, I found myself dropping the ball, not accomplishing tasks, or only half-completing items on my long, long, to do list. I ate out more, wasted money on several cups of Starbucks a day and I was still tired and unproductive!

Let’s take care of ourselves shall we? We freaking deserve it. And our students deserve the best us, because, let’s face it. We are pretty bad ass at our job. Am I right?

Plus, by only biting off what we can actually chew, allows us see that things will actually be fine without us running the show. Say no, to all the end-of-the-year-things. Say yes to a few, and rock it out. Done and done.

Enjoy the end of the year

This has been a long school year and I am sure there have been many ups and downs. Let’s be real, we LIVE in the constant motion of a roller coaster ride. But, I think in part, that is why we love what we do.

The random thank you’s we get in the day.

The smiles.

The hugs.

The laughs.

Even the happy tears.

We love the dynamics of this crazy world of a counselor. Embrace it this time of year and don’t forget you are slaying it my friend! You did good this year. Let’s keep it up.

Work smarter, not harder

Do you need a little boost in options for the end of the year? Check out my favorite end of the year activities for students. This helps me save time during this crrraazzzyyyy season.

If there is a resource, someone already created, under $5 mind you, you better believe I am not recreating the wheel! These are some resources I plan on using in the upcoming weeks with my students, and they are always a hit!


I hope you all finish this year STRONG! Stay positive! Everything happens for a reason and life is always good.

Talk to you soon!