Stress Management Activities for High School Students - College Counselor Traci

How are you handling the end of the school year? This time of year is stressful, yet exciting, for everyone. Right?

Therefore, today, I am sharing my favorite way to manage the end of the year and just yearly stress in general!


I have created a stress management bulletin board that is perfect for any season, especially the end of the year!

This rainbow-themed stress management bulletin board offers students, and staff, 26 ways to chill out!

Because this bulletin board offers 26 posters that describe ways to chill out, you can double up the usage by using the tips as morning announcements! For 26 days, you can inspire, inform and encourage students to manage their stress better.


Here are some example announcements you can make over the school intercom! Also, what a perfect way to get students in to see the counselor for an end of the year check in!

  • A – “A positive attitude can really change your day. If you think you’ll have a great day, you will! What are some ways you can have a positive attitude today?”
  • B – “Balance is key. Equal parts work and play. How much time are you spending working and how much time are you spending playing? If one is more than the other, it can create unnecessary stress. Need help finding the balance? Check in with the school counselor for support!”
  • C – “Get creative to calm down. Draw, listen to music or dance. Want to get started today? Pick up some relaxation coloring pages in the counseling office. Break them out when you are feeling overwhelmed and need a moment to calm down.”


You can also invite students to check out the bulletin board and encourage them to try out a tip each day! You can make each tip a classroom / office challenge and have students check in for their homeroom each lunch period. You can offer a simple prize of:

  • Intercom class / office shouout
  • Pizza Party
  • Extra time to destress (visit the classroom to implement one of the activities).

The possibilities are endless! You can pick up this resource right here in my shop! Purchase one time, and use forever!

My kind of deal!

How are you managing your stress this time of year? Let me know!

With love and caffeine,